Sunday, September 28, 2008

Political Party

Anyone who knows me well, knows I LOVE politics.  I was thinking last night I'd like to have a political party.  You know, a party where you're expected to talk politics - but everyone is encouraged to have fun with the other persons opinion.  Even try it on for size in a playful, party like way.  Tim Russert predicted that this election would actually end in an electoral tie. Whether it does or not, I have a theory about the country being 'deeply divided.'  I think most people in this country think very similarly, from a basic value point of view - but have varying views of how to get where we want to go.  Sort of like a map - everyone agrees they want to get to a beautiful destination but some want to take the scenic route, some the direct, no-nonsense way.   I do think one of the most distracting things about politics is that people can get too invested in the idea that their own particular success at achieving dreams and goals is based on whoever wins an election or whether a bank fails or not.  Part of my 'mission' of this blog - and my art - is to try and create a visual and written body of work focused on the idea that most all barriers are more a product of how we think about the things happening around us - rather than the actual things happening around us.  Some of the greatest 'obstacles' are really opportunities to grow in many ways.  In the next several days and months - it will be more important than ever, to try and remember that.  

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At September 29, 2008 at 9:39 PM , Blogger Mrs. Fibonacci said...

Rob, in response to your Political reminds me of driving in the car with Rudy. I tend to go a certain way to your house. Rudy tends to go another way. I can't abide it when he tells me to drive his way. He won't drive my way. We usually end up not talking for a while but we always end up at your house and have a great time there. On a side note: Neil Cavuto was speculating on the discussions taking place wiith the senators on the $700 billion dollar debacle. He said the sessions were turning into an Italian Thanksgiving Dinner. Or an Italian policital party at your house. Love,m

At October 14, 2008 at 10:49 PM , Blogger AJW said...

Rob, you're more of an optimist than I am. The Onion has a pretty good take on it that matches my feelings on the matter:



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