Saturday, December 6, 2008

What I Don't Know / What I Do Know

Before I run back into my studio and work on my art (in between laundry and getting the kids productively occupied) I thought I'd record a list that keeps running around in my mind - I think it came to me for the sole purpose of continuing clarity -

What I don't Know:

I don't know what a trillion is - I took a lot of math but it was mostly concerned with greek letters meant to try and understand on a conscious level what my mind does on an unconscious level - my best approximation is it is a number followed by many zeros.

I don't know what a fraction of a trillion is -
I don't know what a collateralized swap option is - I don't know who invented them or why - I don't even know who agreed they were a good idea.
I don't know Paulson, I don't know Bernake, I don't know Volker, I don't know who they work for or who works for them, I don't know who came before them or who will come after them. I don't know what a billion is (except that it has a lot of zeros) so I certainly don't know what 700 billion is - I don't know what giving something I don't know to someone I don't know is.
I don't know the stock market, I don't know if studying the stock market or finance for my entire life would have prevented a 'crisis' of losing several trillion dollars (which I don't know what is) causing a bunch of people I don't know to vote to give a person I don't know many billions of dollars (which I don't know what is) to someone I don't know - to further compound the problem I don't know if that will 'work' or 'not work' - but I don't know what 'working' is because I don't really know finance.
What a pickle (I know what a pickle is luckily).

What I Do Know

Today is today, now is now.
When I woke up, the sun was shining - I had more 'friends' on Facebook and more 'followers' on Twitter.
I know I found great value in the smile on my children's faces.
I know I found great value in the cup of coffee I had.
I know I had some fascinating dreams which would make interestng works of art.
I know people 'trapped' in 'free' environments and people 'free' in oppressive environments.
I know people wealthy with nothing in the bank and people poor with a lot in the bank.
I know if it is possible to 'lose' 1 trillion in a week, it should be possible to 'find' 1 trillion in a week.
I know either scenario would not make my daughters smile any sweeter.
I know I can't chose what happens in the world but I can chose what happens in my heart and mind.
I know that freedom, prosperity, happiness is an 'inside/out' process.

OK - I've got to get back to the studio - I like my second list better.


At December 8, 2008 at 6:58 AM , Blogger Autumn Heartsong said...

I like your lists, too, Robert...both of them. You should Tweet your list (direct people to your blog) and encourage them to post their own lists. This is good.


At December 8, 2008 at 7:10 PM , Blogger Linnet 'innit?' said...

No time to make a list, let alone two but I can tell you that I know enough to know that I know nothing :-)


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