Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reviews are in for 'Black Gold' ~ Paintings & Prose

It's official! The reviews are in for "Black Gold' available now at Lulu.com:


Thanks so much – here is what some of you have said about'Black Gold"

Rob! Gorgeous...wow! You truly amaze me. I love this bending of your medium into text and image. It's very generous and rich and communicative. And your bringing in your science understanding with your philiosophical relflections and putting the two together with this sort of sensual visual imaginings....it's nice! Like all the parts of you coming together. The parts of you I know. My Father's Kingdom is a kick-ass painting! I wasn't able to really see the first image though on this computer...I need to see it on my mac. But I also really liked the second image. I love that you would tackle such anintensely big and troubling and immediate issue. I want more, Rob! ~ Fred Betz

My student is late or thinks we stopped for two weeks and I jumped at the chance to read and pour into your book. I am so moved! It is fabulous! I feel I need a better writingvocabulary to communicate how wonderful it is! ~ Robin Pedrero

I finally had the chance to read your lovely book. The format is wonderful; the paintings and what they represent are haunting; and the words are lyrical and extremely thought-provoking. Well done, my friend! ~ Beth Stafford

Hey Robert, The first thing you know old Jed is not a millionaire! The 1% of theworld that has 99% of the wealth does not want the rest of us to know the realimpact of the ravaging of the worlds resources. There is a storm coming where ...food, fuel, andcurrency will continue to be the keystones of struggle and the 1% in chargewill not be physically affected by it, not in my lifetime anyway. Nor do Ithink they will be morally affected as they have already sold what little soulsthey had for their continued participation as the masters of their universe.One can only hope they will crumble from the inside out before they suck thewhole thing dry... Wow, all that from your art... NICE!!! ~ Anthony House

People like you who express depth are what move me to the core and MOVE me ~ Thank you for being not only my colleague Robert, but a friend ~ Your work is truly catalytic ~ Thank you ! ~ Sian Lindemann

Thank you everyone – that really moved me so much

A full color version is available at Lulu.com - just follow the link below:



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