Sunday, July 20, 2008

Am I Emerging?

So, this is a continuation of thought on the piece described earlier in 'Sketching and Driving' - which one should never do by the way - Anyway - I love working with fifty-coat - even though it is pretty obnoxious to work with.  It comes in a two part mix, and you mix the A and B components of the resin - then you pour it over whatever you want and it seals it in.  What I love about it in particular is how much it reminds me of my favorite artist Vermeer.  See, he was a master at understanding layers - every layer intentional and translucent and light passed through it, bounced on the layer underneath and came back.  I like using masking tape, and other common items, in creating works of art - and pushing them to their limit.  When Vermeer was alive, he'd go down to the local apothecary (drug store) and get the latest resin and pigment and do something amazing with it.  What do you love about the old masters?  Are there any 'new' masters you love?


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