Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Shouldn't Sketch & Drive

This next piece will be my first 'blog' piece - that is, I am going to attempt to share the process from beginning to end. This process, as a I imagine it at this point, is fairly typical of the way I work, the big question is, will it take a week, or a year, or two years to finish? That, I don't know - No matter how many 'self help' tapes I listen to, I haven't quite mastered the art of regular, methodical 'work' - maybe because it's too much like work? Maybe because I'm scared of the end result? You know, you are always a different person at the end of a work of art, than you were at the beginning - and don't we all, to some degree or another, fear change? But I digress - so, here is a little sketch. On the right side of this image is the front part of the piece of paper, it was on the floor of my car and, as you can see, it is a gas receipt. Napoleon Hill is famous for saying 'start where you stand, and the tools you need will come your way.' And, of course, as usual, he's right - there was a pen jammed in-between the car seats, you know, way down in so you have to keep reaching and just when you think you've got it, the light turns green - and, well, this is important to the story - the idea I had in my head was an image, it came to me at the previous light - and I saw it in its' entirety - three panels, each 2'x4' stacked one on the other - so, it would end up 12' high by 2' wide - a towering column. Each panel is to be done in the same manner as 'Dream Structure I: Version 2' - as a taping embedded in 50 coat. So, it was very important that I found a gas receipt because that looks to me like the correct proportions of the final item - On the left of this image is the back of the gas receipt, the clean white part of the paper that was perfect to begin my 'sketch' - the little squiggle on the bottom is the figure, and the little swirls reaching upward towards the top, is the figure rising, lifting, twisting through the 'dream structure' - the questions that begin to bubble in my head are, can I create the twisting figures in a convincing way, with masking tape - will the transparencies play and how many different color tapes will I use? Can I create a figure within figures and create this dramatic sense of movement upwards - my working title 'Am I Emerging' ?


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