Monday, August 18, 2008

Eclectic and Loving It!

If you've been following my blog so far - you may notice I have a small problem - I'm very eclectic :) - But, I've learned to embrace it.  It fits well with my 'dream' theme in a way - you know, you can't really plan your dreams to any great extent.  Actually, if you practice, and just before you go to sleep, state with intention what you plan on dreaming about - you can have some influence.  But the exact details, and where your dreams go - well, that is just a ride :)  This is a bust portrait of my son Harry.  It is still in clay - called plastilina - which is an oil based clay and, in this form, it will never dry.  The next step is to cast it by creating a mold around it, pealing the mold off and then pouring whatever material I would like to have the final piece cast as.  I would then mount it on a nice piece of marble to set it off.  My children like to pose for me sometimes, but not for very long and so I must work quickly :)

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