Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Wish I Was A Sci-Fi Writer

I put links off to the right of what I think are interesting articles on art and science. The 'invisibility' articles I find fascinating because it ties into thoughts about being energy - which I refer to in my 'Curious Color' e-book. This latest link on 'invisibility' really intrigues me - as it gives some insight into the nature of fear: --- if the thing you fear most, can't see you, will you still be afraid? If all fear, and all conflict, is ultimately internal - will cloaking yourself work? But here's the sci-fi story I'd love to write - Scientists finally perfect the cloaking tool and the military takes this technology and applies it - contractors sell it to all the conflicting contries to perpetuate war - all of these countries happily apply their new technology thinking it will give them another leg up in the cycle of endless conflict - but what we don't realize is the cloaking tool only works in the visible spectrum - 400 to 700nm - but instantly makes us a beacon to a much more aggressive alien race - over the millenium, we have adapted to seeing and being seen in the 400 to 700 nm spectrum because it protects us from this - 'other' race. As soon as we employ the cloaking device, we become a target from the far reaches of the galaxy - a sort of 'War of the Worlds' if you will. Anyone want to build on that story ? :)


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