Sunday, November 2, 2008


Okay - I try not to do this, but - I can't help it - thoughts rush in and at 11:17 at night I've got another 'post' -

Watching election coverage - who can't help but do that, whatever - just watched Huckabee interview Richard Dryfuss - really a great 'interview' - I put interview in quotes because Huckabee actually let the guy speak - anyway, Dryfuss was really riveting - riveting in the sense that he brought up the precious nature of what we've got - AMERICA - what an incredible gift!! To speak, to listen, to create - and he touched on a very poignant thought - the speed of information and how it affects our thought process. Check out 'Family Unit circa 1970' - it is my generations icon. And what I think is interesting about that image - the digitization of it - The Brady Bunch was delivered in analog, we thought of it as an 'innocent' time, even though things were bubbling. Now, information is packaged, distributed - it bursts onto the scene. Richard Dryfuss mentioned this idea 'Corralled' - and that is definitely going to be a painting of mine.

One other that came to mind - Red State / Blue State - I don't think it will be in encaustic because red and blue don't translate as well in wax as they would in oil, but I digress - but I see it as a Mark Rothko - people immersed in the beautiful experiment known as 'freedom' pressing on each other, pushing it away -

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At November 4, 2008 at 8:50 PM , Blogger Commish374 said...

I'm hanging onto your thought about Red States and Blue States. I think for the past few elections, campaigns have been targeted, even divisive. It creates the perception that everything within a so-called red state is red and everything within the blues is blue. What we're learning from this campaign season, is that a candidate can address everyone and have some success. People have capacity for more depth than the traditional wedge issues. Let's hope this is a sign of things to come.

(And I didn't mention any candidates by name!)


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