Sunday, November 16, 2008

Water Within

The meaning, for me, regarding 'Ogallala' - as I touched on a little earlier - was the irony that many, many people in the midwest suffered years and years of a terrible drought while a huge quantity of water lay below their feet. Friends who know me know that I talk a lot about 'positive visualization' - which is probably the greatest 'tool' we can discover and use. Positive visualization can help you to bring things into your life - but I also learned something even more just this last week. I finished reading a book by Vernon Howard 'Pathway to a Perfect Life' - and he really helped to drive home an even deeper point. There is nothing in this world exterior to yourself that can bring true happiness or joy. Things in our exterior world are not the 'source' of true, deep happiness. Reading that book I realized a deeper significance with 'Ogallala' - and possibly the under-painting of a person in a reflective state - while we are working through this economic down turn - it is what we have stored inside ourselves - where the true source of abundant joy and peace reside - if at the 'being' level we do our most work then we can achieve the most. I like watching movies on 'the secret' - but what I try to remember is, while the focus on many of those movies is bringing more 'stuff' into your world - how many people do we know who have 'stuff' flying in but are absolutely miserable, and the opposite, know people who are seemingly without much but have a deep and beautiful sense of themselves and life around them. This time, too, shall pass - how will this next moment be spent? In anxious worry about what will come into or go out of our life - or in silent gratitude of the incredible abundance each moment brings?

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