Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Poll

This is the poll I haven't ever seen taken:

Do you love your children and/or your friends children? Yes/No
Would you love to see them have a beautiful, prosperous future? Yes/No
Do you care about the health of your family? Yes/No
Would you like to see everyone have some level of quality health care? Yes/No
Would you feel good about the idea that everyone, regardless of their race or creed, prosper? Yes/No
Do you hope tomorrow brings more than today and that your dreams come true? Yes/No
If you had the power, would you create a world where people lived together in a free and open society? Yes/No

I mentioned earlier in my post 'Political Party' that most people share the same values - and this is what I mean by that. The next time you find yourself arguing politics with a neighbor - just remember, you most likely share the same values - you just both passionately believe your 'party' has the best way of achieving those values. To me, this is the only thing that explains two neighbors with two different signs on their lawn - whose children play together. We believe in more core things than we differ.


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