Thursday, October 2, 2008

What's The Point?

What's the point of my blog? For some time now I have become more and more aware of the onslaught of negative images coming at us from all directions. Ever notice when the price of oil goes down it 'plunges' and when the price of oil goes up it 'surges'? When the dollar goes down it 'sinks' but if it happens to strengthen the news talks about another currency 'weakening' against the dollar. Almost 90% of all stories in the media (this is based on my scientifically accurate ability to guestimate) are designed (whether intentional or not) to speak about a story from the negative end. Here is an interesting point - if you buy into the idea that 'thoughts' are 'things' - that a thought is an energy impulse that has real characteristics, you can begin to discover another fascinating characteristic of these thought 'impulses'. In this instance, like energy attracts like energy. Hearing a story about something 'plunging' has an incredible psychophysical effect on your mind and body. I say psychophysical as short hand for both psychological and physical - I see these as intricately connected. See, it doesn't matter what is 'plunging' - what matters is that the subconscious mind picks up this imagery and is drawn down by it. 'Surging' also, inspires fear, especially when tied to something that directly affects how much money we have to spend at the end of the day. I won't even begin to get involved in all the other horrific stories that dominate the news and media. So, it's taken me a while to get my act together but I tried to imagine a blog that was dedicated to pointing out how I and all of us are affected, not by events, but how we feel about them - how these events are framed for our digestion. If you end the day being bombarded by negative thought impulses, they linger with you through the evening - and especially if you raise in the morning and are greeted by negative thought impulses it perpetuates the 'gathering storm.' Even more ironic is that (guestimating again) I would suggest that 95 to 98 percent of all stories we are exposed to have little to no bearing on our daily lives - except that they inspire negative energy.  I hope as people are 'attracted' to my blog they will begin to see the connection to all of my postings and my work and that it serves as a springboard to begin examining, and then hopefully eliminating, all of the negative thinking that creates barriers, affects health, and limits joy in life. If you come across an article, thought or idea that helps me in this mission - please share it with me. I love to post links to artists, thinkers, writers, stories that enlighten and inspire.


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